Junior Golf Equipment Australia (JGEA) is introducing Australia to Golf at all ages and skill levels through sales of trusted, internationally recognised and unique modified golf equipment and programs. The equipment branded “SNAG” (Starting New at Golf) enables the game to be moved out of the golf course and into the community. JGEA will help reach more people of varying backgrounds through our community, recreational, educational and care facilities with the use of appropriate SNAG programs as the primary vehicle. Not only will this increase participation in the sport as a whole but it will maximize the level of fun.

There is currently nothing that compares to this equipment in Australia. Through years of experience in the golf industry and current market research JGEA has found that junior equipment is either light and unauthentic or heavy and dangerous and cannot be used safely outside of a golf course.

JGEA are exclusive distributors of SNAG Golf Equipment in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Signing a distribution contract in 2013 was the beginning of our contribution to developing golf in Australia at a grass roots level. Our team consists of Martin and Melanie Joyce and Brook Salmon.
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